Our services

Long term strategic sourcing vs spot opportunites

  • Full product range.
  • Historic relationship with all strategic origins.
  • Long experience in quality assesment and control.
  • Physical presence at the origin.
  • Line intelligence on raw material global production.

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Price and volume trend 24/7

We offer trusted customers salex options and competitive sourcing opportunities.

Seal of Quality can give you the actual picture of the market conditions on all raw materials, as well as on the finished product and demand fluctuations.

Our intelligence will allow partners to choose products and customers to focus on, in order to maximize their profit and lower their risk.

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Documents facilitation

The origin and destintion countries have different rules and regulations that change often. This makes the paperwork complicated to understand and time consuming to manage.

Our people are perfectly trained to understand, interpret and easily explain problems and possible solutions to customers in several langiages.

Seal of Quality is always looking into new and smoother ways to handle the paperwork and get it faster to ensure easy and timely delivery.

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