Our services

From the heart of Italy

We can offer from 25 different canneries producing Tomato Products in cans, tubes, jars, bag-in-box, tetra.

We can offer from 8 different canneries producing the whole range of Canned Beans and vegetables.

Seal of Quality is the export arm of the Canning Industry we work for. 

Seal of Quality 's service is for free, because our customers buy direct.

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Price and volume trends 24/7

  • Daily market price updating.
  • Evolution of the factors influencing the crop and the costs.
  • Daily info on competitors' positioning.
  • Market trends forecasting: 2 weeks, 2 months, 12 months.

Our market intelligence service will provide you with daily detailed reports to give a clear and complete picture everyday.

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Goods taken everywhere

If you have your forwarder but you think that it is possible to improve, we will tell you what other solutions are available, for you to compare.

If you prefer a delivered to your warehouse service, we will take care of the delivery with our forwarders.

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360° goods quality control

We employ a team of technicians that carries out continuous quality inspections of the canneries we deliver from. Quality controls are meant to cover the whole production as well as individual deliveries.

Seal of Quality only delivers from canneries which have been inspected and approved by our technicians as well as by third parties inspectors able to provide recognized inspections certificates.

If you want our sources to set up a different inspecting  procedure, we will make sure to get it done.

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Delivery flexibility

Taking mixed loads where to be able to load different products on the same truck helps you to gain efficiency.

Seal of Quality can arrange the same truck to load the entire range of products we offer.

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