A global marketing and sourcing consultancy firm for Steel, Packaging and Food.

"Buy convenient & sell expensive; forget about the rest!"

DESIGN. Seal of Quality offers key marketing and sourcing intelligence.

  • Customized markets analysis, mapping, sizing, key success factors identification, threats and opportunities spotting.
  • Raw materials trends analysis and projections.
  • Consumption trends and projections.
  • Customized segmentation, penetration, positioning and sourcing strategies design.
  • Ideal partners identification.
  • KPI's identifiction (sourcing & marketing).

EXECUTION. Seal of Quality helps you to achieve your marketing and sourcing goals, by leveraging its unique market experience.

  • Preferred connections with key partners.
  • Effectiveness in negotiations.
  • All phases contract management.
  • Quality control.
  • Efficient logistics and customs management.
  • Design of packaging and labels.
  • Insurance solutions.
  • KPI's measurment and reporting.

"We help you spotting your marketing and sourcing challanges, we figure out winning solutions and we give you what you need to implement them"